War crimes in Sri Lanka: Tamil Nadu assembly passes resolution

CHENNAI: On the eve of the United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) presenting its report on the alleged war crimes in Sri Lanka during the final phase of the Eelam war in 2009, the Tamil Nadu assembly on Tuesday passed a resolution seeking India to use its diplomatic efforts and prevent the US from taking a possible pro-Lanka stand.

"The Tamil Nadu assembly requests the Government of India that if the US takes a stand supportive of Sri Lanka (at the UNHRC), then India must take diplomatic efforts to change that," said the resolution.

The resolution comes a day after India and Sri Lanka decided to renew efforts to address the ethnic issue. The resolution was moved by chief minister J Jayalalithaa with all parties seconding it.

The Tamil Nadu stepped up pressure on the Modi government for an international probe against alleged human rights violations and war crimes committed in 2009 in Northern Sri Lanka.

The government referred to reports that the US, which had earlier favoured an international probe into the alleged human rights violations and war crimes, has now altered its stand and is likely to settle for an internal truth and reconciliation commission.

"The US has now reportedly proposed internal probe by Colombo at the UNHRC and that it was against natural justice. India by itself should move a strong resolution at the UNHRC along with the US seeking an international probe against those who had committed human rights violations and war crimes in contravention to the international rules and conventions," Jayalalithaa said before moving the resolution.

Jayalalithaa recalled the earlier resolutions passed in the assembly seeking to stop treating Sri Lanka as a 'friendly nation' in the context of the alleged atrocities on ethnic Tamils in the final stages of war.

She also said the state government had demanded that India boycott a meeting of Heads of Commonwealth nations held in Sri Lanka in 2013. She said the government had insisted that it would not allow Sri Lankan players and officials to participate in IPL matches scheduled in Chennai, which was duly followed by the BCCI.

Opposition parties, including the DMK, welcomed the resolution. "This is a timely resolution," DMK senior leader Durai Murugan said.

Source: http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/War-crimes-in-Sri-Lanka-Tamil-Nadu-assembly-passes-resolution/articleshow/48985278.cms


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