Terror recruitment: Who else did Afsha Jabeen chat with?

Barring Salman Mohiuddin, who else did Afsha Jabeen, a Hyderabadi arrested on charge of recruiting persons for the outlawed terrorist outfit Islamic State (IS), chat with?
Intelligence agencies and the Cyberabad police are trying to find an answer, as that would help assess to what extent Afsha succeeded in her attempt to create a base for IS in India. Her facebook chat and other social media accounts were deactivated soon after the arrest of Mohiuddin here at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Shamshabad on January 15 this year.
Though she would be interrogated, investigators are relying more on her facebook account and online chats to ascertain if she had roped in others to join the IS. Afsha got attracted to IS and came in contact with Mohiuddin through Internet only.
“Now we have to depend on the content of her online chat, mails and messages which would be available only with the respective social media companies and email service providers,” say the investigators. After Mohiuddin’s arrest, the intelligence officials tracked his online chatting content.
Since he mentioned that he was lured to IS by a woman Nicky Joseph, a British national, investigators verified her facebook account and traced the Internet protocol address to Dubai. She turned out to be an Indian contrary to Mohiuddin’s claims. After gathering evidence against her, intelligence officials alerted their counterparts in Dubai leading to her deportation to Hyderabad. Investigation indicated that Afsha was interacting online with five others. Three of them were believed to be women. “The way details of Nicky Joseph were tracked, location and involvement of these five persons would be verified. Depending upon their complicity, criminal action would be initiated,” a police officer unwilling to be quoted told The Hindu . Already, location of one of the five persons was identified but the investigators declined to divulge further details.
Afsha Jabeen was questioned by National Investigation Agency, Cyberabad police and Telangana Intelligence officials for the past two days and presented before a magistrate on Saturday. She was remanded in judicial custody. The woman was deported along with her husband Mohd. Mustafa and their three daughters.


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