Russia will continue supplying military equipment to Syria: Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov

MOSCOW:  Russia will continue delivering  military equipment to Syria for combating terrorism, Russian Foreign Minister  Sergey Lavrov said. 

"Our military experts are staying in Syria to service the Russian equipment and help the  Syrian army to use them," Tass news agency quoted the minister as saying on Friday. 

"We will continue to supply equipments to Syria in order to ensure its due defence capability in countering the terrorist threat," Lavrov said. 

"The drills are conducted in full conformity with the relevant international law norms," he said. 

The diplomat said Russia calls on members of the international coalition against IS to start cooperating with the Syrian army. 

Collective coordination is vital "from the point of view of effectiveness of the fight against terrorism," Lavrov said. 

According to the top diplomat, ministers of several European countries speak in favour of cooperating with the government of Bashar al-Assad. 

He said previous attempts to change regimes in the region, in particular in Iraq and Libya, "led to an unprecedented emergence of terrorist threat and allowed IS to become the sinister structure that we can now witness in the region."


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