Why is there no BDS against China for its Occupation of Tibet?

This is what US President Barack Obama said when the Dalai Lama visited the White House in February 2014...

"The President reiterated his strong support for the preservation of Tibet’s unique religious, cultural, and linguistic traditions and the protection of human rights for Tibetans in the People’s Republic of China....In this context, the President reiterated the U.S. position that Tibet is part of the People’s Republic of China and that the United States does not support Tibet independence...."

Note the difference in tone when the president speaks of the Palestinian Arab bid for independent statehood:

"The Palestinians deserve to be free in their own land."

"The status quo in Palestine is unsustainable."

Why has President Obama never made similar statements about Tibet?

In his 5 point peace plan  the Dalai Lama called to stop Chinese colonization of Tibet.

"When the newly formed People's Republic of China invaded Tibet in 1949/50, it created a new source of conflict.  This was highlighted when, following the Tibetan national uprising against the Chinese and my flight to India in 1959, tensions between China and India escalated into the border war in 1962.  Today large numbers of troops are again massed on both sides of the Himalayan border and tension is once more dangerously high.

"The real issue, of course, is not the Indo-Tibetan border demarcation.  It is China's illegal occupation of Tibet, which has given it direct access to the Indian sub-continent.  The Chinese authorities have attempted to confuse the issue by claiming that Tibet has always been a part of China.  This is untrue.  Tibet was a fully independent state when the People's Liberation Army invaded the country in 1949/50.

"Since Tibetan emperors unified Tibet, over a thousand years ago, our country was able to maintain its independence until the middle of this century.  At times Tibet extended its influence over neighbouring countries and peoples and, in other periods, came itself under the influence of powerful foreign rulers - the Mongol Khans, the Gorkhas of Nepal, the Manchu Emperors and the British in India.

"It is, of course, not uncommon for states to be subjected to foreign influence or interference.  Although so-called satellite relationships are perhaps the clearest examples of this, most major powers exert influence over less powerful allies or neighbours.  As the most authoritative legal studies have shown, in Tibet's case, the country's occasional subjection to foreign influence never entailed a loss of independence.  And there can be no doubt that when Peking's communist armies entered Tibet, Tibet was in all respects an independent state...

"Human rights violations in Tibet are among the most serious in the world.  Discrimination is practiced in Tibet under a policy of 'apartheid' which the Chinese call 'segregation and assimilation'.  Tibetans are, at best, second class citizens in their own country.  Deprived of all basic democratic rights and freedoms, they exist under a colonial administration in which all real power is wielded by Chinese officials of the Communist Party and the army.

"Although the Chinese government allows Tibetans to rebuild some Buddhist monasteries and to worship in them, it still forbids serious study and teaching of religion.  Only a small number of people, approved by the Communist Party, are permitted to join the monasteries.

"While Tibetans in exile exercise their democratic rights under a constitution promulgated by me in 1963, thousands of our countrymen suffer in prisons and labour camps in Tibet for their religious or political convictions...

"The massive transfer of Chinese civilians into Tibet in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention (1949), threatens the very existence of the Tibetans as a distinct people.  In the eastern parts of our country, the Chinese now greatly outnumber Tibetans.  In the Amdo province, for example, where I was born, there are, according to the Chinese statistics, 2.5 million Chinese and only 750,000 Tibetans.  Even in the so-called Tibet Autonomous Region (i.e., central and western Tibet), Chinese government sources now confirm that Chinese outnumber Tibetans.

"The Chinese population transfer policy is not new.  It has been systematically applied to other areas before.  Earlier in this century, the Manchus were a distinct race with their own culture and traditions.  Today only two to three million Manchurians are left in Manchuria, where 75 million Chinese have settled.  In Eastern Turkestan, which the Chinese now call Sinkiang, the Chinese population has grown from 200,000 in 1949 to 7 million, more than half of the total population of 13 million.  In the wake of the Chinese colonization of Inner Mongolia, Chinese number 8.5 million, Mongols 2.5 million.

"Today, in the whole of Tibet 7.5 million Chinese settlers have already been sent, outnumbering the Tibetan population of 6 million.  In central and western Tibet, now referred to by the Chinese as the "Tibet Autonomous Region", Chinese sources admit the 1.9 million Tibetans already constitute a minority of the region's population.  These numbers do not take the estimated 300,000-500,000 troops in Tibet into account - 250,000 of them in so-called Tibet Autonomous Region.

"For the Tibetans to survive as a people, it is imperative that the population transfer is stopped and Chinese settlers return to China.  Otherwise, Tibetans will soon be no more than a tourist attraction and relic of a noble past. "

Why has Obama never complained about Chinese settlements in Tibet as he complains against Jewish settlements? Why Kerry didn't say anything about the Chinese occupation of Tibet when he visited China last month?

In the Arab-Israeli conflict, Israel plays the role of Tibet, the dozens of Arab countries that surround it are like China. The Palestinian Arabs serve as the spearhead of the dozens of Arab Nations that are trying to destroy the only small Jewish State (smaller than New Jersey) the same way gigantic China is trying to destroy Tibet.

"The Muslim Colonists" is an article that describes how, before the British Mandate, when they controlled Palestine, Muslim rulers practiced the same abuses against the Jews as the Chinese today practice against the Buddhists in Tibet. It says:

"There are two important historical events usually overlooked in the Arab-Israeli conflict.

"One is the use that Muslim rulers made of the jizya (a discriminatory tax imposed only on non-Muslims, to 'protect' them from being killed or having their property destroyed) to reduce the quantity of Jews living in Palestine before the British Mandate was instituted in 1922. The second were the incentives by the Ottoman government to relocate displaced Muslim populations from other parts of the Ottoman Empire in Palestine."

Until the late 1800s entire ancient Jewish communities had to flee Palestine to escape the brutality of Muslim authorities. As Egyptian historian Bat Ye'or writes in her book, The Dhimmi:

"The Jizya was paid in a humiliating public ceremony in which the non-Muslim while paying was struck in the head. If these taxes were not paid women and children were reduced to slavery, men were imprisoned and tortured until a ransom was paid for them. The Jewish communities in many cities under Muslim Rule was ruined for such demands. This custom of legalized financial abuses and extortion shattered the indigenous pre-Arab populations almost totally eliminating what remained of its peasantry... In 1849 the Jews of Tiberias envisaged exile because of the brutality, exactions, and injustice of the Muslim authorities. In addition to ordinary taxes, an Arab Sheik that ruled Hebron demanded that Jews pay an extra five thousand piastres annually for the protections of their lives and property. The Sheik threatened to attack and expel them from Hebron if it was not paid."

The Muslim rulers not only kept the number of Jews low through discriminatory taxes, they also increased the Muslim population by providing incentives for Muslim colonists to settle in the area. Incentives included free land, 12 years exemption from taxes and exemption from military service.

Bat Ye'or continues:

"By the early 1800s the Arab population in Palestine was very little (just 246,000) it was in the late 1800s and early 1900s that most Muslim Colonists settled in Palestine because of incentives by the Ottoman Government to resettle displaced Muslim populations because of events such as the Austro-Hungarian Occupation of Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Crimean War and World War 1. Those events created a great quantity of Muslim Refugees that were resettled somewhere else in the Ottoman Empire... In 1878 an Ottoman law granted lands in Palestine to Muslim colonists. Muslim colonists from Crimea and the Balkans settled in Anatolia, Armenia, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine."

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem is to Jews as Mecca is to Islam. Jerusalem is the spiritual capital of Judaism. The spiritual capital of Islam is Mecca. Jews around the world pray facing Temple Mount. Muslims face Mecca even when in Jerusalem. There are 57 Muslim nations in the world, but only one Jewish state which is smaller than New Jersey. The Two State Solution is actually a One State Solution because it will not require the Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish State and will thus lead to Israel's destruction. Once the Arabs get their State they will attack Israel from the "West Bank" as they now do from Gaza. 

The only possible solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict is to recognize that the Palestinian Arabs already have a state in Jordan. Since the US/EU claim the Arab-Israeli conflict can be solved though a UNSC resolution why not submit one declaring that Jordan is Palestine?

Jordan was created in land from British Mandate Palestine, most of the Jordanian population is Palestinian, the previous King said "Jordan is Palestine, Palestine is Jordan". The Queen of Jordan Rania Al-Yassin was born in Kuwait to Palestinian parents Faisal Sedki Al Yassin and Ilham Yassin from Tulkarm, Jordan has a Palestinian Queen! The next King of Jordan will be the son of a Palestinian.The Arabs currently living in Israel can continue but they will be Jordanian Citizens.

Source http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/17040


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