'ISIS wants to wage holy Jihad in India', reveals Areeb Majeed chargesheet

Bengaluru, June 8: The Areeb Majeed case which was probed by the National Investigating Agency will become a referral to all future cases involving youth who join the ISIS.

Majeed was one of the four youth from Kalyan who had left Kalyan in Maharashtra to join the ISIS only to return a few months later.

His chargesheet makes some interesting revelations about his journey to the ISIS and back. The chargesheet a copy of which is available with OneIndia reveals how the mind of a youth attracted to the ISIS works.

Majeed's journey into the ISIS:

The investigation revealed that accused Areeb Majeed and his three associates Saheem Farooque Tanki, Fahad Tanweer Shaikh and Aman Nayeem Tandel entered into a criminal conspiracy between January 2014 to November 2014 with the common objective and intention to join ISIS, a banned International Terrorist Organization and participate in terrorist act not only in Iraq and Syria but also in India amongst other countries.

Investigation has revealed that in or around January, 2013, accused Areeb Majeed got motivated towards Jihad especially through internet on his mobile and through readings about development and rise of ISIS which had started flashing on his Facebook pages.

Majeed started reading various literatures, religious books and watching videos on internet related to ISIS and Jihad for eliminating by violent means the non-believers of Islam. He had read different books through various apps downloaded by him.

It is also revealed that Areeb Majeed had started searching about pages related to ISIS which had had their own media which was actively showing the work done by them in Syria and Iraq.

There were several videos that were shown on the ISIS media sites which included burning of alcohol factories, burning cigarettes factories, punishing smokers according to the law described in Quran. ISIS was appealing to the people to come and live under the Law of Allah.

Realising a dream:

To realize the said objective, Majeed started making contacts over phones and through social networking site with members of ISIS, its propagators, in order to find the means of joining the ISIS.

Areeb Majeed tried to contact people from different countries like Australia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, America who all guided him to reach Turkey and contact them thereafter. Prominent amongst them were Abu Rami from Iraq and Abu Falluja from Turkey.

Majeed had used his Samsung Mobile for internet browsing as well as for communicating or having web sessions or chats with his three associates.

Majeed was using his two numbers 9022244495 & 9664555488. He used this mobile phone for browsing the internet, for searching on internet the route to Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Palestine etc from Kalyan, Maharashtra.

The meeting with Fahad Shaikh:

Investigation has further revealed that Majeed got introduced to Fahad Shaikh somewhere in October, 2013 and became friends in person as well as on social media platform like Facebook.

Shaikh had revealed to him that the person who has liked the ISIS pages by the profile name "Magnet Gas" was none other than him.

Shaikh had further told Majeed that his two friends, Tanki and Tandel were also eager to go to Syria.

All the four started meeting frequently and discussed various issues like money to be contributed by each of them, route to be taken for reaching Syria .

A VISA to Turkey:

Areeb Majeed was assigned the task of finding the route to Syria for which he had approached Thomas Cook office at Kalyan and enquired about Turkey holiday package for four persons and the formalities to be followed for VISA for Turkey.

The route for Syria via Turkey was dropped as the VISA process for Turkey was very cumbersome. Instead, Areeb Majeed came out with a plan to go to Syria via Iraq on a Ziyarat VISA (pilgrimage) which did not involve any formalities, neither required detailed documentation except passport and photographs.

They visited M/s Rahat Tours, Mumbai on various occasions and chose the Ziyarat tour package to Iraq which would depart on 25/05/2014 by paying a total sum of Rs.2,39,500/- on three occasions.

The arrival at Bhagdad:

Majeed booked and hired taxi from SMS Cabs Pvt. Ltd Mumbai on 24/05/2014 and all four accused were dropped at Chattrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai in the late night of 24th May, 2014.

All accused boarded the Flight No. EY 0205 of Etihad Airways in the early morning of 25th May, 2014 and reached Abu Dhabi Airport around 07.00 am IST and thereafter made onward journey to Baghdad International Airport, Iraq on the same day.

Fahad Shaikh before leaving for Iraq had left a three page note for his family members wherein he had indicated that he was leaving the family for a good cause of Islam, for protecting the Muslims people who were suffering in different parts of the world.

Investigation further revealed that after reaching Baghdad, the tour guide took the group to the Sanitary of Dargah Sharif Abdul Qadir Gilani, which was in the main city of Baghdad. While the rest of the group which had landed in Bhagdad to perform Ziyarat to various places, these four did no such thing. They even avoided staying with the group.

During their stay at Baghdad between 25.05.2014 to 31.05.2014 they had purchased SIM cards of Zain Company having numbers 964782021674796478202167459647820216744 and others for Rs. 500/- INR from outside the shrine for communicating amongst themselves as well as for communicating with the members of ISIS and their propagators.

Majeed used Iraqi numbers to contact Rahman Dawlaty, an Afghan national and Abu Fatima, an Iraqi national referred to him by Tahirah Bhatt. She was one of the lady members of the ISIS who had honey trapped Majeed on Facebook.

The four then slipped away without informing the rest of the group and proceeded to Mosul. There they checked in a hotel and visited Sabunji Masjid, Mosul as per the direction of Abu Fatima.

Later, they were picked up by an ISIS man, Ali and dropped off in the Jazira area which had a camp comprising 30 ISIS members.


On reaching Jazira, they were all given new names. Abu Ali Al Hindi was Areeb Majeed , Abu Uthman Al Hindi- Saheem Tanki, Abu Bakr Al Hindi-Fahad Shaikh and Abu Umar Al Hindi-Aman Tandel.

They were operating under the new names in Syria and Iraq. They stayed at Jazira for about 10-12 days in the month of June, 2014. During this period, war started at Mosul city which lasted for 3-4 days and the city was captured by ISIS.

The four were taken from Jazira to the Hudood Centre (registration centre of ISIS where persons joining from outside Syria have to be registered) in Raqqah City of Syria in mid June 2014.

At Raqqah City of Syria, the four had undergone different types of training including training in use of arms, explosives and battlefield tactics. After the training, they were assigned the job of suicide bombers.

Spreading holy Jihad in India:

Majeed was injured on three occasions, twice by bullet injury and once during the US Air bombing for which he had undergone medical treatment on two occasions at Telafar General Hospital, Telfast City, Iraq in August, 2014 and Mosul General Hospital, Mosul City, Iraq in October, 2014.

Majeed after the injury in October, 2014 had decided to return to India for spreading the so called holy jihad in India. Prior to leaving for India, he had joined "Tasnia" (Ministry of Defence and Development) in Syria and started working in the civil construction department and in November, 2014.

Majeed had planned his return to India via Turkey. He approached the Indian Consulate in Istanbul, Turkey on 26 November, 2014 and got an Emergency Certificate issued in his name on the pretext that his passport was lost. Thereafter he tried to sneak into India by taking Turkish airlines flight on 27.11.2014. However, he was apprehended by Indian authorities at Mumbai airport.

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