The World's Deadliest Terrorist Groups [Infographic]

The number of people killed in terrorist attacks around the world rose sharply in 2014, according to the US State Department. Compared to 2013, attacks were up 35 percent while fatalities increased 81 percent, reaching 32,700. This trend is primarily due to activity in Iraq, Afghanistan and Nigeria, as well as the exceptionally lethal manner of many attacks.

Out of the attacks where perpetrator information was available, Boko Haram came first for lethality. The Nigerian jihadist group was responsible for 6,644 deaths in 2014, slightly ahead of ISIL who inflicted 6,286 fatalities during the same year. The Taliban had the third highest death toll of any terrorist group worldwide last year according to the US State Department.

*Click below to enlarge (charted by Statista)




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