Syria: Yazidi Girl Infected with AIDS After Rape by Isis Fighter; Disease Spreads to Other Members, Say Activists

Yazidis in Iraq Demand Protesction from Islamic State
Members of the minority Yazidi sect in Iraq are demanding protection from the ISIS militants
The Islamic State seems to be battling the spread of AIDS amongst its members in Syria after an Indonesian fighter who had AIDS passed it on to his Yazidi sex slave, who was later sold to other members. 
Syrian human rights activist group Sound and Picture put out a report on Tuesday following investigation by its reporter in Shaddadi near Hasaka in Syria. 
An Isis fighter named Abu Qatada told the reporter that an Indonesian fighter had been found to be infected with AIDS while he was donating blood at a hospital, and that he had also infected a 15-year-old Yazidi girl whom he had raped. 
The girl was then sold to an Egyptian fighter, who was also confirmed positive with AIDS, the report said. 
The Indonesian Isis fighter was reportedly executed for spreading AIDS in the Islamic state as he was known to be aware of his condition before travelling to Syria. 
The fate of the Yazidi girl is not clear, but she is still in Isis captivity, Sound and Picture told IBTimes India through their social media account.
A doctor at an AIDS test center in Almayadeen city in Syria confirmed to Sound and Picture that the Egyptian man and the Yazidi girl, whom he described as 'afraid and pale', were both tested positive. 
Isis fighter Abu Qatada revealed that AIDS had spread to several other fighters who had raped the Yazidi girl. 
"The 6 people who were witnessed visiting the infected member's house, were arrested and forced to do tests , to discover two other AIDS infection cases of two Saudi members, who both had sex with the Yazidi girl (sic)," the Isis fighter told the reporter. 
In fact, an Isis emir had also reportedly raped the same Yazidi girl and may have been infected with AIDS, the fighter has said. 


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