Islamic State suicide attacks on Iraq security posts kill 13

Four suicide bombers driving explosive-laden cars rammed into two security checkpoints and a military headquarters in the al-Hajaj area within a 15-minute span, killing 13 Shiite militiamen and troops and wounded 24, police said. 

Al-Hajaj lies on the road between Beiji and Tikrit in Salahuddin province. The key refinery town of Beiji has been the scene of fierce fighting between Islamic State militants and government troops, backed by Shiite militias, that took control of the town's center a few days ago. 

Meanwhile, police said security forces repelled Islamic State suicide attacks near the town of Garma, east of militant-held city of Fallujah. 

The attackers used four suicide cars in the assault that left no casualties among the government forces, they said. 

Recently received U.S. anti-tank missiles were used to destroy the suicide cars, police and military officials there said. Hospital officials confirmed the casualty figures from the Salahuddin province attacks. 

All officials spoke on condition of anonymity as they weren't authorized to speak to journalists. 

Iraqi forces, backed by Shiite militias and U.S.-led airstrikes, have been struggling to regain control of the vast areas lost to the Islamic State group during its stunning blitz last year. 




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