Islamic State releases audio clip of bomber who killed 27 in Kuwait mosque

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The speaker - Islamic State linked suicide bomber responsible for Kuwait mosque attack - criticises Shi'ite Muslims and says they can expect revenge for what he terms insulting Islam. (Reuters)

Islamic State released an audio clip purporting to be a posthumous statement by a militant who killed 27 people in a suicide bombing attack on a Kuwait mosque on Friday.

The statement consisted largely of Koranic verses and was released on social media channels used by Islamic State.

The speaker criticises Shi’ite Muslims and says they can expect revenge for what he terms insulting Islam.

Kuwaiti authorities have identified the bomber as Fahd Suliman Abdul-Muhsen al-Qabaa, a Saudi. Reuters was unable to immediately verify the authenticity of the statement.

First Published on: June 29, 2015 9:20 am



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