ISIS propagandist Mehdi Biswas was directing jihadists via Twitter from India

BENGALURU: Mehdi Masroor Biswas was no empty propagandist of the global jehadist outfit Islamic State (ISIS), but he was allegedly tweeting details of the border crossings to those on their way to enlist as fighters with the ISIS, the chargesheet field against the 24-year-old youth has revealed. 

According to extracts of the chargesheet available with The Times of India, a tweet sent by Mehdi to one Talab Al Haqq read: "@TalabAlHaqq, Walakum Salam, Tai Abyad (Tal Abyad) crossing in open now.

Tal Abyad is a Syrian town used as a border crossing from Turkey. On June 30, 2014, the town was captured by ISIS and on the same day, the Mehdi tweeted. 

The management executive with a multinational company in Bengaluru, who was picked up from his Jalahalli apartment on December 13, 2014 for operating a pro-ISIS twitter handle — @ShamiWintess. 

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The 36,986-page chargesheet, submitted before the additional chief metropolitan magistrate, names Mehdi as the only accused. The bulk of the chargesheet comprises documentary evidence in the form of tweets and emails. 

"Accused Biswas ... was well aware of the fact that ISIS is known for its well-funded web and social media propaganda ... regularly taking advantage of the social media, particularly Twitter, distributed his messages by organizing hashtag campaigns, encouraging tweets on popular hashtags (IS related), and utilizing software applications that enable IS propaganda," read the chargesheet. 

The chargesheet accused Mehdi of allowing his account to become a meeting place for ISIS supporters and even introduced top leadership. It cited a Mehdi tweet: "Official account of Shiekh Abu Hafs al Masri Jarabolos ISIS chief @Abuzefsi." It also mentioned that Mehdi has specific details even about the location of the IS leader. 

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Cops further quoted: "Any brother hoping to come, then come. Alone or with a group. Both or good. No money is required when you come." "The path is 'ae' he is being in touch with British jihadists like Iftekar Jaman, Abu Layath, al-Kohrasani and many other. (sic)" 

The chargesheet said he tweeted in support of secession of Jammu & Kashmir from the union of India. "He tweeted and retweeted at large in support of the terrorists attacking civilians and Indian forces, referred to Kashmir as 'occupied Kashmir and Indian forces as 'occupation forces', encouraged Muslims in India to believe that Muslims are being attacked by Indian government," it read. 

The chargesheet also mentions his prejudices against non-Sunni Muslims. It says, he tweeted against Muslims who were not Sunnis. 

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@ShamiWintess is still online 

Although the six month long investigation in Mehdi and his Twitter account @ShamiWintess has come to an end with cops submitting the chargesheet, the Twitter account is yet to the shutdown. Even on Monday, the account was live on the Twitter. The cops had left the account for collection of evidence and said it would be shut down later. 

In December 2014 when cops took over the investigation, there were about 17,700 followers for the account which as on Monday has dropped to 16,400.



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