‘IS gaining traction in Libya’

June 6, 2015 at 03:51pm


An international military intervention is needed to end unrest in Libya, where the Islamic State group is gaining a foothold, Spanish Defence Minister Pedro Morenes said in an interview published on Saturday.

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“We went to Afghanistan to stop all of that from coming here, we are in Iraq, Mali or Somalia with the same objective. And now we have it nearby. Something needs to be done,” he told the top-selling Spanish daily El Pais when asked if there would be a military intervention in Libya.

“I asked (EU foreign policy chief Federica) Mogherini in Singapore (last weekend) and she said: 'It seems unbelievable that there are still nations that object (to an intervention). Think of Syria. For four years we have watched them massacre each other while the (UN Security Council) is blocked by vetoes. This is the world we live in'.”

Morenes reiterated Spain's support for an Italian proposal calling on the US-led coalition that is fighting Islamic State in Syria and Iraq to expand its operations into Libya.


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