Chennai terror plot: Revealing details from Malaysia

Chennai, Jun 8: The Chennai terror plot was one of the most extensively planned attacks and had ramifications not just in South India, but also in Malaysia and Sri Lanka. While Sakir Hussain, the Sri Lankan national was arrested in Chennai another important operative by the name Muhammad Hussain was held in Malaysia. 
However the extradition of Hussain failed as the Malaysia authorities decided to hand him over to Sri Lanka despite the NIA making a request. 

Today the NIA has details of his interrogation that was held in Malaysia and after building up the case further, the agency would seek his extradition from Sri Lanka. The importance of Muhammad Hussain: For the moment India will have to be content with just his interrogation report from Malaysia.

 NIA officials tell OneIndia that Muhammad Hussain is an important player in this plot. He along with Sakir had planned on carrying out a 26/11 styled attack in Chennai in which they planned on bombing consultates and also staging a hostage crisis. 

Muhammad Hussain during his interrogation had told the Malaysia police about the entire plot. He refers to Amir Zubair Siddiqui the Pakistan consular officer who was based in Sri Lanka as the mastermind. Hussain also told the Malaysian police that he handed over the role of arranging for the funds. 

Suicide bombers: Hussain said during his interrogation that he had gone to Malaysia to arrange for funds. He was also in touch with two suicide bombers who were supposed to reach Chennai and carry out the attack. Hussain said that both the suicide bombers were based out of Maldives and he had made arrangements to send them to Chennai. All the money that needed to be paid to the families of the bombers was handled by him, Hussain also says during his interrogation. 

 He also said that he was also in talks with two other bombers who he wanted to send to Bengaluru. As part of the South India terror plot, the ISI had decided to target both Chennai and Bengaluru. ISI gateway into South India: As per the interrogation of Hussain the suicide bombers would first be sent into Chennai. After the bombings, the security mechanism would have gone into a tizzy. At this point in time, more men with AK-47s would be sent to take over several areas and stage a hostage crisis. There were five men in all who would have been sent into Chennai. While two were from Pakistan the other three were to land from Maldives. Siddiqui had already ensured that two persons from Colombo of Pakistan origin would be sent first to Bengaluru and then would slip in to Chennai. All these men were trained in Colombo and Maldives respectively, the NIA points out.

 The ISI had planned on carrying out a series of attacks at the markets in Chennai and then finally take over the American Consulate. They had code named this project as Operation Wedding Hall.

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