11 Most Racist Countries in Europe

When we talk about 11 most racist countries in Europe, our mind  fails to understand why some human beings have to still live in that darkness. There is no denying the fact that we have made great progress in almost every aspect of our lives. Whether it is technology, medicine, space discoveries and understanding other inhabitants of our planet; we have breakthroughs in every field. Sometimes it hurts that our kind has discovered solutions to some of the most problematic and complex things but have failed to solve the simplest of questions.

With all the breakthroughs and discoveries we have made, it seems that we are drifting away from nature and natural ways of living. We might have succeeded in discovering life on other planets but we have failed to tolerate each other and that too miserably.


Apart from wars, murders, terrorism, and rape,  racism has been a continuous disgrace to mankind. We have come a long way from where it was considered pretty okay treating a man badly solely on the basis of cast and color. A lot of progress is also been made in spreading awareness and laws are now in practice to eliminate racism at all levels. Despite all our efforts, what seems missing is the sincere will of general public to eliminate it once and for all. On the whole, most people are not saying anything to deliberately hurt anyone or make them feel bad about their caste or the color of their skin, but there still exist those who do – those who live in Stone Age and for whom racism is like a part of life.

No matter what, we should remain hopeful that one day this world would be a better, more peaceful place to live in and things like racism and terrorism will find no place among ourselves. Until that actually happens, it would not be a bad idea to go through our list of most racist countries in Europe or our previous post regarding the 10 most racist countries in the world.

Racism ranking, used in this list, is a scoring system based on riots, general people behavior, past history and a few more useful indicators of racism.

11. Germany

Often referred to as “the land of the free” Germany is pretty racist when it comes to Americans and English speaking people. It might not reflect politically but it is true. Germany has racism rating of 2.89/5

10. Poland

Riots in Poland can get pretty messy. The advice would be to stay inside your home even if there is a slightest of sniffs of riots outside. It can easily get pretty bloody in Poland! Racism rating of Poland is 2.9

9. Austria

Austria is undoubtedly a beautiful country but when it comes to racism it can all get pretty dark very quickly. With Racism rating of 3/5, Austria is a country where racism exists in some parts.

8. Russia

Number eight on our list of 11 Most Racist Countries in Europe is Russia. The people here are pretty nice and extreme nationalists. It is best to avoid discussing controversial matters with the locals if you’re visiting Russia. Rating 3.2/5!
honor-guard-67636_1280 (1)

7. Hungary

With racism rating of 3.3/5, Hungary is a landlocked country of central Europe. Hungary other than its rich culture and heritage is also known for a bit of drama and that is racism. Its racism rating is around 3.5/5

6. Ukraine

Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe. It has been dealing with tough racism issues and things can quickly take up the shape of riots in here. Racism rating of Ukraine is 3.7/5

5. Denmark

Danish people are pretty peace loving and liberal generally but racism exists and sometimes things can go out of control. It is advised that tourists should do a little research about the places they are going to visit in Denmark. Rating 3.8/5

4. Spain

Spain has got its own culture and you can easily distinguish its people and tradition from the rest of the Europe. Like many countries in the continent, Spain is also troubled a great deal by racism and its rating is 3.9/5

3. Sweden

In Sweden you are 50% more likely to get an interview call if you have a Spanish sounding name. People in general are nice but may get pretty aggressive on sensitive topics. Racism rating here is around 4.

2. Great Britain

It might look all peaceful but Great Britain is greatly troubled by racism and riots based on racism. The racism rating for Great Britain is dangerous 4.5/5.

1. Switzerland

It is hard to believe but it is true that Switzerland is at the top spot on our list of 11 Most Racist Countries in Europe. It is a very beautiful country but has surprising racism rating of 5/5.
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