US kill senior ISIL leader in eastern Syria

U.S. military conducted an operation on Friday night in eastern Syria to capture an ISIL senior leader known as Abu Sayyaf and his wife Umm Sayyaf, according to a statement from the White House on Saturday. 

Sayyaf was killed when he engaged with U.S. forces. 

He had a "senior role in overseeing ISIL's illicit oil and gas operations—a key source of revenue that enables the terrorist organization," the White House said in a written statement by NSC Spokesperson Bernadette Meehan.

Sayyaf was also involved in ISIL's military activities, Meehan added. 

No U.S. personnel were killed or injured during this operation.

Sayyaf's wife is currently in U.S. military detention in Iraq, from where the military operation was conducted. 

The operation also led to the freeing of a young Yezidi woman who appears to have been held as a slave by the couple, according to the White House. 

"We intend to reunite her with her family as soon as feasible," said Meehan.



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