Islamic State, other terrorist organizations recruiting NRIs: NIA

MUMBAI: The National Investigation Agency (NIA), in its chargesheet against suspected Islamic State of  Iraq and Levant (ISIL) member  Areeb Majeed, stated that ISIL, in conspiracy with other terrorist organizations, was trying to recruit non-resident Indians (NRIs) to participate in the so-called jihad not only in Iraq and Syria, but also India and other countries. 

NIA on May 20 filed an 8,500-page chargesheet against Majeed and mentioned his three Kalyan-based friends Fahad Shaikh, Amaan Tandeel and  Shaheem Tanki, as wanted accused. The chargesheet said the four accused entered into a criminal conspiracy with the common objective and intention to join ISIL. 

"In or around January 2014, Majeed got motivated towards Jihad especially through internet on his mobile and by reading about the rise of IS, which flashed on his Facebook pages. IS had its own media which was showing work done by them in Syria and Iraq like burning of alcohol factories, burning of cigarettes factories, punishing smokers, all of which had an impact on his psyche and made him a radical violent jihadi," the chargesheet read. To reach IS, Majeed tried to contact people from countries like Australia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, America who asked him to go to Turkey. 

The four accused went to Baghdad through a tour operator, pretending to be pilgrims. None of them intimated their families about their journey. However, Fahad left a three-page note for his family saying he was leaving India for the cause of Islam and to protect Muslims who were suffering in different parts of the world. 

The chargesheet said while 26 pilgrims stayed at a shrine's guest house, the four accused stayed in Hotel Burj As Salaam at Sadoon street, Baghdad, fearing disclosure of their plans. Later, Majeed contacted  Rahman Dawlaty, an Afghan national and Abu Fatima, an Iraqi national, who directed them to Adulla  Hadi Alenezi for financial help. Alenezi sent them $1,000 through money transfer. 

On May 31, 2014, the four left for Mosul. The tour operator filed a missing person's complaint with local police in Baghdad. A man called Ali picked the four up from Mosul. On Ali's recommendation, the four accused were taken to a training camp called Jazira. They stayed there for 10-12 days. Later, they were taken for registration as ISIL members to Hudood centre at Raqqah, Syria. After training, Majeed, Fahad and Shaheem were chosen as suicide bombers. Majeed was in touch with Tahira Bhatt, an ISIL woman, who communicated with him even when he was in India. 

Majeed approached the Indian consulate in Istanbul on November 26, 2014 and stated he lost his passport. The consulate issued him an emergency certificate to reach India. But he was apprehended by authorities at the airport and handed over to the police, states the chargesheet.


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