Thousands take part in Belfast UVF commemoration parade

UVF commemoration parade Many of those taking part are dressed in period costume

Thousands of people have taken part in a parade to mark the centenary of the formation of the UVF in west Belfast.
A century ago at Fernhill House in the Glencairn area, unionist leader Edward Carson inspected members of the west Belfast section of the Ulster Volunteer Force.
More than 10,000 people took part in the march to Fernhill, making it one of the biggest parades of the year.
Many of them were dressed in period costume.
The parade was a re-enactment of one of the key events of the Home Rule crisis.
Some of the drums played are 100 years old and were used at the event the parade is commemorating.
The Ulster Volunteer Force was formed to resist plans to make Ireland self-governing, but many members went on to fight in the First World War.
The parade was led by a horse-drawn carriage and also featured a vintage car which was used by the IRA in the early 20th century.
Progressive Unionist Party leader Billy Hutchinson read extracts of Carson's speech as part of the event


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