Naval War Room leak case: UK court rejects Ravi Shankaran's appeal against extradition

A British Court today rejected the appeal filed by Naval War Room leak case key accused Ravi Shankaran, a relative of former Navy Chief Admiral Arun Prakash, against his extradition to India.

District Judge Nicholas Evans at Westminster Magistrates Court here said in his ruling that "a case to answer has been made out" against the accused and his verdict can now be sent to the UK Home Secretary Theresa May, who will make the final decision on issuing an extradition order.

Shankaran's defence team said he would be appealing against the ruling, to which Judge Evans clarified that an appeal can now only be made on the decision of the Secretary of State, who has two months from the date of the court ruling to issue her order.

Meanwhile, the 46-year-old retired naval commander has been remanded on conditional bail, which includes the requirement to live at a new UK address he provided to the court today, a deposit of 20,000 pounds and no right to foreign travel.

Shankaran is a key accused in the case of leaking classified information from the War Room to arms dealers. He has been absconding since the case was registered by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in March 2006.



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