Erdogan calls on PKK to lay down arms & leave

On March 21st the PKK which is branded as an outlawed group by Ankara made a historical request. The call for peace was in a message written by jailed PKK leader Abdallah Oclan .

It was read by a member of the Peace and Democracy party , known as the political wing of the PKK. The message said quote it is time for us to lay down our arms and fight our struggle democratically. 

Meetings between the jailed leader of the Kurdistan Workers Party and the representatives of the Turkish government had been ongoing for months, before the final call for a ceasefire was issued. In a recent televised statement, Turkish Prime Minister Raccip Tayyip Erdogan called on the PKK to lay down their arms and leave the country. 

However it seems the PKK has changed its tune regarding the initial deal between the two sides. As in response to Erdogans comments a statement was posted on PKK-associated sites. it said quote “A withdrawal of the type suggested by Erdogan is not on the agenda of our movement. Once the necessary steps are taken by the state, and legal and beneficial grounds are created on this basis, it will be possible for our forces to withdraw. Press TV caught up with a Parliament Member from the Peace and Democracy party and she elaborated their stance on the issue. 

Fighting between the PKK and the Turkish armed forces has been ongoing for 3 decades and has left at least 40,000 people dead. 

On one hand Ocalan calls on PKK fighters to begin a controlled withdraw from Turkish territory. On the other hand, his supporters want to know what they get in return. The key question is whether the Turkish government has the will to meet a great deal of Kurdish demands.


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