Aus soldiers injured in Afghanistan after IED detonates

Ava Benny-Morrison 1st Apr 2013
TWO Australian soldiers have been wounded in a bomb blast in Afghanistan.

The two Special Forces soldiers were injured when an improvised explosive device exploded while they were on a patrol through the Helmand province on Sunday.

The Australian Defence Department said a coalition and two Afghan National Security Force soldiers were also injured in the blast.

One Australian was airlifted with the injured coalition soldier to a medical treatment centre nearby after receiving first aid at the bomb blast scene.

The remaining casualties are being treated at the Multi-National Base Tarin Kot medical facility.

The Defence Department said, in a statement, the Australian soldiers' families had been notified.

The patrol had uncovered three IEDs when the explosion occurred.

The blast comes only a week after the Federal Government announced the bulk of Australian troops would be home by the end of the year.

Defence Minister Stephen Smith said last week the Tarin Kot base, home to 1000 Australian soldiers, would be closed by the end of 2013.

There are about 1650 Australian troops in Afghanistan, with the remaining 650 troops stationed at bases in Kandahar and Kabul to stay, subject to further international negotiations on the future of the conflict.



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