War crimes: From the killings of Lankan Tamils to a teen's torture

New Delhi: Sri Lanka has been in the line of fire over alleged human rights violations against Lankan Tamils for almost four years now. Allegations of war crimes and human rights abuses have swirled and eddied around the Sri Lankan Army since the killing of LTTE supremo Prabhakaran, but the photographs of his teenage son Balachandran gave it an ugly disturbing edge.
According to an investigation by UK's Channel 4, Balachandran was taken alive, kept briefly in a Lankan Army bunker, before being shot dead in cold blood.
Further evidence came from the report of a UN expert panel in December 2011. It documented the killing of nearly 40,000 Tamil civilians by the Sri Lankan Army. It says no-fire zones full of Tamil refugees were shelled, hospitals in the war zone were deprived of medical supplies and even schools were not spared.

Ananth Guruswamy, Executive Director, Amnesty International India, said, "Evidence is pointing to serious involvement of the Sri Lankan Army. The chances of Lanka leading a credible investigation are very minimal. They watered down the recommendations that came from their LLRC."
Now four years on, the world's major powers want to censure and condemn Sri Lanka for those crimes, but India is reluctant knowing fully well that punishing Sri Lanka could provoke a closer look at its own role as the war for Tamil Eelam entered its final phase.
Source: http://ibnlive.in.com/news/war-crimes-from-the-killings-of-lankan-tamils-to-a-teens-torture/380009-2.html


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