Suicide attack targets Pakistan police commander, six dead: Officials

Associated Press | Updated: March 29, 2013 11:33 IST
Peshawar: Police say a suicide bomber attacked a security convoy in northwestern Pakistan, killing at least six people, including two women.

Police official Dost Mohammed Khan says the attacker was targeting Abdul Majeed Marwat, the head of a paramilitary police force called the Frontier Constabulary. Marwat was not hurt in the attack, which occurred on Friday in the main northwest city of Peshawar.

Khan says the dead included three members of the security forces and three civilians. Two of the civilians were women. Over 15 people were wounded.

No group has claimed responsibility.

Peshawar is located on the border with Pakistan's semiautonomous tribal region, the main sanctuary for Taliban militants in the country. The Pakistani Taliban have carried out many bombings in the city targeting both security forces and civilians.



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