Pak: 46 Taliban fighters killed in militant infighting

Forty-six Taliban fighters, including an Uzbek commander, were killed in fierce fighting between rival militant organisations in Pakistan's restive Khyber tribal region.
The militants were killed in two suicide attacks which were carried out shortly after fighters of the banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan occupied the headquarters of the pro-government Ansar-ul-Islam in Tirah Valley.
An Uzbek commander named Abu Islam was among the militants killed in the attacks, The News daily quoted tribesmen and official sources as saying.
Some media reports said the Ansar-ul-Islam had carried out three suicide attacks on the Taliban, though this could not be independently confirmed as journalists are barred from reporting from the tribal areas.
On Monday, when the Taliban fighters entered the headquarters of the Ansar-ul-Islam at Bagh in Tirah Valley, a suicide attacker blew himself up.
Another suicide attack was carried when the Taliban militants moved into the ammunition depots inside the headquarters, reports said.
Dozens of militants were injured in the two attacks.
The dead militants, including the commanders, belonged to different parts of Pakistan.
Sources in the Ansar-ul-Islam said the attacks were carried out by commander Abdul Ghafar and an operative named Kashmir Khan.
Meanwhile, the Taliban and its ally, the Lashkar-e-Islam, have occupied Maidan area of Tirah Valley, considered to be a stronghold of Ansar-ul-Islam. They also took control of Shalobar and Zakhakhel areas overcoming some resistance.
Lashkar-e-Islam fighters torched two dozen houses belonging to commanders of the rival group and hoisted their flags in the area.
Earlier, Malikdinkhel, Qambarkhel, Adamkhel and Bagh areas were captured by them.
Talking to reporters from an undisclosed location, Ansar-ul-Islam deputy chief Ezatullah said his group was intact and would fight from Zakhakhel and Orakzai Agency to defeat the rivals. 


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