Maoists hold kangaroo court in Jharkhand, six 'convicts' lynched to death


Ranchi: In a spine-chilling incident, Maoists in Jharkhand's West Singhbhum district on March 13 held a "people's court" in Podahat jungle and ordered the execution of six persons charged with killing and robbing two villagers.

The six - Lita Oria, Dudhia Oria, Malgu Oria, Selai Oria, Hindu Oria and Dubbe Hani Purti -, all residents of Manmaru and Kentai villages, admitted to killing and robbing two persons Shamu Bodra and Hongera Hasa on March 3.

The kangaroo court ordered their execution, after which all the six were beaten to death with sticks, which lasted for nearly eight hours. The dead included three brothers, and a 15-year-old teenager.

Before executing them, the Maoists asked them to join their organisation, but they refused. The Maoists later handed over the six bodies to their relatives for funeral rites.

For three days, the local police remained unaware of this incident, until a news report came out in local newspapers.

The district police with the help of CRPF launched a search in Podahat jungle, where they killed a local villager Lipi Hony Purti in the process, alleging that he was a Maoist. Finally, the mortal remains of the six killed were found and brought to district headquarters.


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