Greece arrests three young neo-Nazis over bank vandalism

Supporters of the extreme-right Golden Dawn party hold flares as they chant the national anthem, during a rally over the crisis in Cyprus, outside the German emapassy Athens.

Investigators said they had found neo-Nazi propaganda, a T-shirt and scarf from neo-Nazi party Golden Dawn and baseball bats at the home of two of the suspects, aged 17 and 21.

Supporters of Golden Dawn have in the past protested over bailout deals imposed on Greece, and last week rallied in Athens against proposed EU-IMF terms to rescue ally Cyprus.

Since then, a deal to rescue the debt-laden island has been reached that sees depositors with more than 100,000 euros in the top two banks --including Bank of Cyprus -- face losing some of their money.

The three young people were detained as they were escaping by motorbike after having set on fire the subsidiary's ATM in the coastal port city of Volos.

Golden Dawn has increased in popularity in Greece as the country suffers through its sixth year of recession and its fourth year of austerity.

Several of its supporters have recently been implicated in violent assaults, including the murder of a young Pakistani in Athens in January.



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