Five NATO troops killed in Afghan chopper crash

Five members of the NATO-led forces were killed in a helicopter crash in southern Afghanistan, the coalition said Tuesday.

The cause of the crash, which took place on Monday, was not known immediately, it said.

“Initial reporting indicates there was no enemy activity in the area at the time,” the statement said.

The nationality of the deceased was not specified. Most of the troops in the south are from Britain and the United States.

Helicopter crashes are not uncommon in Afghanistan, with most caused by technical malfunctions.

In August, 11 people, including seven US soldiers, were killed when their helicopter crashed in the south of the country. In August 2011, 30 members of U.S. Police in Bangladesh’s capital clashed with opposition protesters enforcing a daylong general strike across the country Tuesday.

Witnesses and news reports said several homemade bombs also exploded during the beginning hours of the shutdown Special Forces were killed when the Taliban shot down a Chinook helicopter in the coalition’s worst air incident of the conflict.



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