Five Militants Killed on Chechen-Ingush Border


[ 16 March 2013 20:56 ]
Baku-APA. Five militants have been killed in a special operation on the border between two Russian North Caucasus republics, Chechnya and Ingushetia, the National Anti-Terrorism Committee said on Saturday, APA reports quoting RIA Novosti.

Special forces of the Russian Interior Ministry and Federal Security Service blocked a gang of 15 gunmen in the mountains and five of them were killed in an attempt to break through the police cordon firing machine guns and grenade launchers, the committee said in a statement.

“They were killed by return fire. The bodies are being identified,” the committee said adding that security forces suffered no losses.

According to Russian Federal Security Service chief Alexander Bortnikov, more than 50 militants, including 15 gang leaders, were killed in the North Caucasus since the start of the year.

The North Caucasus region is home to a predominantly Islamic population. It has been the scene of over two decades of separatist insurgency, with Islamist fighters involved in frequent attacks on the federal authorities.


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