Dilsukhnagar Bomb Blasts: Tarbez Supervised the Blasts

Dilsukhnagar Bomb Blasts: Tarbez Supervised the Blasts
Hyderabad: DGP Dinesh Reddy revealed that they identified one of the two persons caught in the CCTV related to Dilsukhnagar bomb blast case.  According to reliable sources, the person identified is Indian Mujahedeen terrorist Tabrez.  It is identified that Tabrez was in the spot and he was seen in both the CC televisions.  Maqbul who is in the custody of NIA also said this in the enquiry.  Tabrez directed the two persons who brought two cycles to the spot.
Tabrez is a resident of Azamghad in Uttar Pradesh.  He is an active member of banned organization SIMI.  He went underground after Pune blasts and IB believes that he is working as a silent carrier for Indian Mujahedeen.  Since he was underground from a long time, IB is suspecting that he came to Dilsukhnagar a few days before the blasts.  They are enquiring to find out where he took shelter these days.  They are suspecting that he must have taken shelter in and around Dilsukhnagar because it is not possible to bring the explosives on a cycle from far off places.
Police are concentrating on Indira Seva Sadan which came into news for having relations with terrorists.  In the CC camera footage, it was seen that the cycle mud guards are in white color.  Investigating officers are taking this small clue seriously and are investing whether any vendors lost their bicycles.  They are also investigating whether these were painted in this color to mislead police.
Tabrez is likely to have taken shelter in and around Dilsukhnagar with some milk vendors.  It is expected that cycles that carried bombs were parked at the spots by some sleeper cells and Tabrez was accompanying them.  Police are also trying to gather information from the petty vendors in Dilsukhnagar.  A 1 Mirch centre owner was not in his shop when the blasts occurred.  He would not have allowed to park the cycles opposite his shop.  If he was in the shop terrorists would have changed the target.
Two bomb blasts occurred at Dilsukhnagar at around 7.00 pm on 21st February, 2013.  Around 17 people died at the site of blasts and later in the hospitals while taking treatment. Another unexploded bomb was found under the foot over bridge.  Dilsukhnagar is one of the busiest places in Hyderabad.  It connects Hyderabad and Vijayawada highway.  There are number of educational institutions, coaching centres, shopping malls and commercial establishments.


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