Al-Qaeda terror suspect can't be deported from Britain

The alleged plotter has used the Human Rights Act to stay in the UK
An Iraqi suspected of being involved with al-Qaeda by MI5 has used the Human Rights Act to stay in Britain.
The alleged terror plotter was once regarded as a threat to the public and national security and was the subject of a control order, similar to those imposed on hate preachers Abu Qatada and Abu Hamza.
We have called him Mr X because we are banned from revealing his real name and the location of a mosque in the east of England where he allegedly met with six other extremists.
Patrick Mercer MP, a former army intelligence officer, said: "This shows the Human Rights Act needs to be repealed. We can't claim to be a sovereign country when foreign powers impose these sorts of laws upon our courts. This man could clearly be dangerous to the British public."
Mr X, a Muslim from Mosul, was monitored by MI5 for a year from July 2006 because it suspected he was an associate of a known terrorist and hate preacher, identified in court as AE, who had links to militant Islamic groups including Ansar Al Islam, Ansar Al Sunnah and al-Qaeda.
Mr X, who brought his Iraqi wife into the country in 2010, had failed a number of times to claim asylum since 2002, including once when he claimed he had been framed for murder in Iraq.
An immigration judge ruled in November Iraqi authorities knew of his alleged links to al-Qaeda and could torture him if he was sent back. The judge added: "There is also a risk of execution."
Mr X's wife was also granted asylum after the judge said she would also "face persecution as the closest family member of her husband who will be suspected as a Sunni terrorist". Both were granted anonymity.
The court heard the US sent CIA agents to interrogate Mr X because he was deemed to be such a threat.
A UK Border Agency spokeswoman said: "We cannot comment on individual cases."


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