Afghan Commandos Praised for Hostage Rescue

By U.S. Army Capt. Leslie Reed
RC-East Public Affairs

PAKTYA PROVINCE, Afghanistan (March 27, 2013) - Commandos from the Afghan National Army celebrated after a successful operation resulting in the rescue of two kidnapped Afghan soldiers.

The two soldiers were kidnapped after being stopped by insurgents on March 24, while traveling from Kabul to Forward Operating Base Shank in Logar province.

Gen. Mohammad Sharif Yaftali, commander of the 203rd Thunder Corps congratulated the soldiers involved in the operation.

"They were kidnapped and taken by force. Their only sin is their service for their country and the service to the people of this country, to bring peace and stability," he said. "Their only sin is to fighting against the enemies of this country and providing a better lifestyle for their countrymen."

The operation, executed in the Baraki Barak district of Logar province by the 2nd Commando Kandak, 203rd Thunder Corps and 3rd Tolai, 6th Commando Kandak, Commando Division Headquarters, resulted in 23 insurgent casualties and the recovery of the two kidnapped soldiers.

The raid also resulted in the capture of two caches containing three PKM machine guns, Dushka heavy machine gun parts, AK-47's, one anti-tank mine and numerous rocket propelled grenade rounds and tactical vests.

"The 203rd Corps will assure everyone in any part of the country that our Commando brothers are besides them, behind them, in front of them," said Col. Gulan Nabi Qatae, commander of the 2nd Commando Kandak, 203rd Thunder Corps.

Yaftali presented four sheep to the commandos in appreciation for their hard work. "Our countrymen have hopeful eyes towards your green uniforms, you are a matter of pride, you are a symbol of unity, strength and power in this country," he said.


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