Police Name Hacker as Terrorist Suspect

| The Jakarta Globe

Bandung. Counter-terrorist squad Densus 88 has named a hacker caught in Bandung, West Java last month as a terror suspect, a police source revealed on Wednesday.

Mawan Kurniawan, also known as Ashaburayatisud, was arrested in Bandung on Thursday, and has used his hacking skills to raise funds for terrorist activities, a Densus 88 source said.

“He is now officially a suspect,” said the source who declined to be named, adding that Ashaburayatisud may face charges of violating articles within the information and electronic transaction law, and the law on money laundering.

Mawan, who will turn 31 next week, is being accused of assisting Rizki Gunawan, a terror suspect arrested in Jakarta in May, and will soon be brought before a court.

Assets and funds worth Rp 8 billion ($848,000) were seized from Rizki, who is being charged with obtaining the money by hacking into the website of a multilevel marketing business operating out of Malaysia.

A Densus 88 source has said that investigators believe Rizki’s hacking funded the bombing of a church in Solo, Central Java, in September.

The source also disclosed that Rizki, who has a bachelor’s degree in accounting, participated in paramilitary training in Central Sulawesi during January and February of last year under the mentorship of Santoso, who has long been on Densus 88’s most-wanted list, and who is still on the run.

Police commented that terrorists have been hacking and buying assets with the proceeds, which includes buying houses, cars and motorbikes which can be sold whenever they need cash.

Densus 88 said that besides working with Mawan, Rizki also collaborated with Dedy Irawan and Andri Kurniawan, also known as Hendrik. The two were arrested in May.
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