Intelligence officer killed by bomb blast in Benghazi

Jamahiri resistance continues across Libya to the foreign occupation, mercenaries, islamist heretics and local traitors
 Benghazi. 2 September -- JANA:

The member of the intelligence services killed in a car bomb explosion in Benghazi’s Gamel Abdul Nasser Street this afternoon has been named as Colonel Juma Al-Kadiki. He died instantly when what is being reported as a “Gelatina” bomb went off. His colleague, Captain Basit Agfiza Mabrouk, was rushed to hospital. His condition is unknown.

Reports say that the bomb was located in the car door compartment and exploded when the door was slammed shut.

It is reported that the two had just left a meeting at the General Rat Intelligence Services. They went to buy cigarettes. Eyewitnesses say that, when he got out, rat Mabrouk slammed the door of the car hard and this was followed by an immediate explosion.

Fourteen other rat and former military officials have been terminated in Benghazi so far this year and there have been other attempted assassinations. It has led local residents to claim there is a hit list.

Earlier last month, Brigadier-General Mohammed Al-Fitouri who had served with the Jamahiriya but was now in charge of rat weapons-storage in the city of Benghazi, was gunned down as he left midday prayers in the city.

In a response to the assassinations, Rat Mufti Sheikh Sadik Al-Ghariani issued a fatwa -- a common procedure for ignorant heretics to seek to impose some form of legitimacy upon themselves -- condemning the bombings and assassinations. He has however not issued any "fatwa" concerning the obviously impermissible collusion with alien occupation forces, torture, unlawful imprisonment and failure of rats to wage jihad upon themselves since they violate all basic precepts of true Islam.

There have been widespread fears that have been conformed with attacks and acts of sabotage even in Benghazi by pro-Qaddafi jamahiriyans in the run-up and aftermath of the 1 September anniversary of the Libyan Muammar Qaddafi's bloodless 1969 coup which seized power from a corrupt foreign stooge, King Idris, and handed the power, wealth and arms back to the people. Widespread resistance is growing across Libya, largely unreported by alien and local rat media.

On Friday, a bomb was found that the Sidi Hussein blood bank centre with the message o “Al-Fatah –a gift from martyr, Issam Fitouri, 30 August 2012”. The reference to “Al Fatah” (the Opening) which is the name of the ongoing 1969 revolution is yet another confirmation of ongoing pro-Qaddafi pro-Africa pro-Islam pro-democracy pro-human rights pro-freedom anti-occupation anti-zionist anti-imperialist anti-ignorance anti-rat anti-capitulation anti-slavery activity.

On Wednesday, rat security forces in the city reportedly uncovered large quantities of weapons and ammunition in one of the city’s public markets. Benghazi is the stronghold of the rats which forced out most patriotic and honourable Jamahiri citizens, and killed or imprisoned and abused the remainder, yet resistance continues until martyrdom or freedom.

On Monday, an armed jamahiri resistance group attacked the Criminal Investigation Department’s premises in the city.

A state of high alert was declared by rats in the city by the deputy rat interior minister responsible for eastern Libya, Rat Wanis Al-Sharif.

The attack on Wednesday in which a rat air force colonel, Mahmud Berrhouma, was shot in the legs is, however, seen to have been an attempt at common theft. The assailant was apparently after his car, with widespread looting and dangerous psychotics and criminals remaining on the streets, with others having been sent to Syria to commit terrorism thee after being released into the wild by rats. -- JANA


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