Bulgaria and Global Terrorism

On 18 July 2012 at Saravofo airport a terrorist attack was carried out against Israeli tourist. Despite its criminal nature and tragic consequences, to us Bulgarians the attack had a very serious psychological, medical, geopolitical and geostrategic impact. Unfortunately, as a result of the “efforts” of the government and our impotent media, these aspects of the terrorist attack were totally neglected. And that speaks volumes about Bulgarian politicians and statesmen, the state and us Bulgarians.

1. “Our dumbfounded politicians were so pitiful after the attack in Bourgas. The only thing that their imagination produced were feeble excuses that they had no idea that such an attack had been planned...So the key question here is how intelligence data should be collected in order to avoid future incidents. From all uttered by our politicians we understood that the government relied only on intelligence information from Israel and the US. Our political leaders didn’t even consider the option that Bulgarian intelligence services could have collected such information in order to be aware of what was being planned on Bulgarian soil…When leaders use their incompetence as an excuse, it is us who should bring up the question of why we need such politicians” (Svetoslav Terziev, Sega Daily, 21 July 2012)

2. Until now Bulgaria hasn’t encountered such a trial and its first experience with international terrorism gave it the image of an unattended property. In their humiliating helplessness our politicians could only give condolences to the relatives of the victims and cast a bad luck spell on the unknown villains. Hours later the Prime Minister Borissov bragged that he beat the Arab ambassadors to Sofia in a football match. Otherwise, Bulgaria maintains very good relations with the Arab countries. Such attitude is, to put it mildly, inappropriate with regard to the seriousness of the incident.

3. “The government has to answer urgently the key question of why the terrorist attack was carried out in Bulgaria”, Ivan Kostov commented. He also added that it was the first time Bulgaria had become a target of international terrorism, and according to the official statement about what had happened if no answer is provided, we may experience other such attacks. No matter what I think about Kostov, he is right in this particular situation. Another representative of the Democrats for Strong Bulgaria, General Atanas Atanasov, continued that “since many years now no terrorist attacks have been carried out on Bulgarian soil. And here comes the question: What has changed so that a terrorist organization decides to carry out such an attack on our territory?

Is it the state, eroded by corrupt practices that allowed the “unnoticed” trade in arms in exchange for big gains? Did we take the initiative and acted as an over loyal partner? The main question is what Bulgaria has done in order to stir up such anger”

To such questions the Prime Minister reacted like a hooligan: at a Parliamentary meeting he reminded that attacks like the one in Bourgas had occurred over the years. “In communist years when intelligence services were strong, they didn’t manage to prevent the attack at Bunovo railway station in which the same number of people were killed and it was just a lucky coincidence that only a few were injured”. In conclusion, he mentioned that Bulgarian foreign policy has nothing to do with the terrorist attack. Probably Borissov didn’t recover from what he’d seen on the scene of the attack so that he behaved so inadequately. To make a comparison between both attacks is acceptable only for a high school guy with insufficient knowledge.

4. The occurrence of terrorism on Bulgarian soil stunned Bulgaria political parties and they were only able to babble about altruism and humanism. This is because all parties that have governed over the past twenty years hold the responsibility for what has happened. Neither of them had the courage to admit that since 1999 Bulgaria has been at war - a war fierce and bloody in which all parties are guilty.
“We have entered a war which is not ours, Dimitar Yonchev claimed before Pressa”. This is somebody else’s war but the choice of a territory is a sign. “Willing or not we have to get ready for a long, expensive and fierce war”, Anton Lugov writes in his blog.

The Bulgarian Socialist Party leader only said that “the party will not try to take advantage of the situation.” It’s hard to figure such a “gentlemanly” behavior towards the governing party when it’s clear to everyone that after such a failure the government should step down form power, if not the whole government, at least the politicians directly responsible for that (in the first place the Minister of the Interior along with the Minister of Foreign Affairs). And they should be more than happy if they are not taken to court on charges of treason.

“When facts are so eloquent, a statement condemning terrorist attacks against peaceful citizens and especially children sounds at least idiotic. (That was GERB’s statement being more or less a repetition of Barack Obama’s words. In a milder form the same massage was conveyed in the Declaration of the “Holly” Parliament)”. Isn’t it the same when a house or school is blown up in Afghanistan or Pakistan – an act considered inevitable damages in the fight against terrorists? Does anyone in Bulgaria come up with a declaration in such situations. Does anyone care about talking about such a value as “human life” when at least half of the relatives of attack victims would be ready to tie explosives around their waists and blow themselves up among other people, especially among enemies?

Why do we forget that the so called terrorism is also a source of heroism unknown to those who live in questionable security and well-off society whose only aim is the imposition of its own goals? Are all these people crazy because they are ready for such sacrifice and perseverance generation after generation to the hypocritical words about world peace guaranteed by international organizations by means of “peace maintaining bombings”? I don’t believe these people are on drugs. Their actions are conscious and rational and they crack expensive security systems. For the broken Bulgarian system organizing an attack is a child game. Furthermore, there are people who for a good sum of money would prepare an explosive to blow up their own mother let alone some Israeli tourists.

And now we have to realize, to admit that it is not only about the unpleasant summer accident that will affect business negatively and tarnish the image of the country. It is about war and the trivial expression “Bulgaria will never be the same after the attack in Bourgas” conveys the mere truth…
We were awakened from our illusion that Bulgaria was the island of stability and guardian of the Euro-Atlantic values, a bridge between the East and the West, ethnic and religious tolerance, a bouquet of ethnic minorities and shrew strategies for the integration of Roma, i.e. gypsies or the insulting name that they were called according to a file on the official site of the Presidency (Dimitar Denkov, Sega Daily, 21 July 2012)

In conclusion, we can say that Bulgaria is being governed badly – no ideas, no outlook, serving somebody else’s interests. And the only one who suffers most is the Bulgarian. We can recall the scene when popular politicians jumped for joy when Bulgaria was admitted to NATO and the EU and constantly talked about the horn of plentiness which would empty in Bulgaria, following the principle “The EU will feed us and NATO will protect us” And we rushed like crazy to fulfill requirements even before Washington and Brussels managed to formulate them. What is most annoying is not the accession to the EU and NATO (there are objective reasons that need to be mentioned) but the lack of foresight in our politicians with regard to Bulgaria’s course of action as a full-fledged member of these two organizations. Such behavior shows the absence of political strategies with regard to Bulgaria’s future.

The fact that Bulgarians believed that foreign investments would make them rich is a question to be addressed more with psychologists rather than economists.
The fact that we started to establish democracy with a gun in the hand throughout the world is an issue which should be dealt by shrinks not military officers. It is what the speaker of NATO James Apatura said:

“The mission in Afghanistan is very complex and far from home. No country would agree to send its young soldiers in the middle of nowhere just because the majority said so. NATO is not a humanitarian organization. It was never meant to be, neither has the structure to finance the completion of such goals” (Sega Daily, 26 April 2006)

Mr. Apatura wasn’t right: after all, there was a country which volunteered to send its soldier because the majority decided so!!

The political decision with conspicuous lack of foresight was the country’s involvement in the fight against global terrorism. What do you think about that?

The geostrategic players caused the occurrence of a very interesting phenomenon called global terrorism. The whole informational power of the “Golden Billion” is directed towards convincing the world that we are facing a new geopolitical player that is threatening the existence of the human being – the Devil or the Satan predicting the imminent Apocalypses. This phenomenon was personified and aircraft carriers, atomic submarines, cruise missiles and artillery were sent to deal with its destruction. In this grandeur mystification there isn’t a grain of truth with the exception of the 9/11 attacks in 2001.

Terrorism is not a threat to the whole world. It threats the “Golden Billion” and its globalist philosophy. It is its product, shadow, servant and enemy. As a political tool in a class society, terrorism repeats the way society has developed: individual terrorism – group terrorism – class terrorism – state terrorism – global terrorism. Each new phase in the development of terrorism is related to the category interest: personal interest – group interest – class interest – state interest – global interest. It is easy discernable that only the first two phases contain denial of terrorism, no matter what its definition is, because they confront personal values. The last two phases are in the geopolitical areas which is the scene of today’s political drama.

The phenomenon of terrorism reflects the Islamic factor. This is the potential power of religion observing no boundaries and capable to unite people on a very large scale, regardless the position of the state in which these people live.
The Islamic factor proves the main contradiction of the XXI century: poverty versus opulence, the South versus the North, Christianity versus Islam, industrial periphery versus the technological center, “redundant countries” versus “Golden Billion”

Despite the imminent threat, terrorism has ever posed, it has been assigned a new role as being an important geopolitical factor, which is actually the geopolitical operation of the “Golden Billion” aiming to support the globalist aggression in several places across the geopolitical map: conquering the Central Asian centers (the ex-Soviet Union republics in Central Asia) and the neutralizing of the western branch of the Islamic belt (Syria, Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan); pushing Russia out of the Balkans or diminishing the influence of Christianity in the area (Macedonia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina); and constant pressure on “inconvenient” countries such as Russia, China and India. The main goal is to smash all forms of organized or institutionalized resistance of the countries of the “industrial periphery”.

The fast spreading of terrorism regardless of geographical location makes it a very serious enemy to fight.

To brag about one’s participation in the fight against global terrorism, in the sense of fighting Islamic fundamentalism, when in your own country you have favorable conditions for its development, is not just a political incompetence, it is political idiotism.

In this relation, if we want the Bulgarian people to have any future, it is desirable that we get rid of bad politicians from all parties and think about new ways of governing our country. What will happen then? If Bulgarians find a good solution, they will continue to exist as a nation. However, if we disappeared from the face of the earth, no one would ever notice!
Source http://www.zaratustra.eu/?lang=_en&type=news&detail=4159


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