Afghan officials slam cross-border attacks by Pakistan

Thu Sep 6, 2012
Afghan officials have denounced Pakistan’s cross-border shelling of Afghan soil, condemning US-led forces’ inaction towards the acts of aggression, Press TV reports.

In a Thursday meeting in the eastern Afghanistan Kunar province, officials and tribal leaders said that if US-led foreign troopers cannot prevent such attacks, the forces should leave the province immediately.

Agitated over the cross-border attacks, some of the locals also voiced outrage at the bombardments.

In July, Afghanistan summoned the Pakistani ambassador to Kabul and warned that the continuation of the shelling would harm the two states’ relations.

“Any continuation of such reported shelling against Afghan villages could have a significant negative impact on bilateral relations,” Afghan Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs, Jawed Ludin said in a statement.

Islamabad, however, brushed aside Kabul’s warning, arguing that Afghan Taliban have infiltrated into Pakistan to launch attacks on Afghan security forces.


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