Taliban fail again to kill police chief

Kandahar, Afghanistan -- The Taliban tried and failed to kill one of their most hated enemies late Monday when the police chief of Kandahar province, who is pursuing an aggressive campaign against the insurgents in their former southern homeland, survived a powerful suicide car bombing that killed four civilians and wounded 20 more, Afghan officials said Tuesday.
The police chief, Gen. Abdul Raziq, who has survived several Taliban assassination attempts, was driving through the eastern part of Kandahar city shortly before midnight when a small truck packed with explosives detonated near his white armored car, according to the Kandahar governor's spokesman, Javed Faisal.
His vehicle was badly damaged, but Raziq and his driver were only wounded. He was taken to a NATO hospital at Kandahar Airfield, one of the largest coalition bases in the country, Faisal said.
Last year, Raziq was appointed provincial police chief after a suicide bomber at the police headquarters killed the former police chief, Khan Mohammad.


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