Two police officers shot, one killed, in Paris, reports say

Paris police are warning people to avoid the area around the French capital’s grand Champs-Elysees after reports that two police officers were shot Thursday, with one dying.
Many police vehicles can be seen on the avenue that passes many of the city’s most iconic landmarks.
A witness identified only as Ines told French television station BFM that she heard a shooting, saw a man’s body on the ground and the area was quickly evacuated by police

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According to the BBC, the gunman has been killed by police. Paris has been hit with several terrorist attacks in recent years, and police told the Guardian that this latest shooting is “very probably” a terrorist act.
CNN reports that one of the officers has been killed, while the other was “seriously injured.” The media outlet also reports the attacker has been “taken down.” 
Other media outlets are also reporting that the shooter has been shot by police. According to the Guardian, there were at least two attackers involved, and one is dead.
Reuters also reports that one officer has been killed. There are also unconfirmed reports of another shooting victim, but it is unclear if that person was a bystander or another attacker.

Intervention de police en cours sur le secteur des  Evitez le secteur et respectez les consignes des forces de police

Paris police spokeswoman Johanna Primevert told The Associated Press that the attacker targeted police guarding the area near the Franklin Roosevelt subway station Thursday night at the center of the avenue popular with tourists.
The shooting comes three days before the first round of France’s presidential elections. Earlier this week, police in Marseille arrested two men who were allegedly plotting an attack before the election, per Reuters.
A French television station hosting a televised event with the 11 candidates running for president briefly interrupted its broadcast to report the shootings.
None of the candidates immediately commented.
The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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