Trump’s Syrian missile strike just gave Europe’s far right one more reason to disown him

The members of Europe’s far right were once Donald Trump’s biggest cheerleaders. But the US president’s eclectic European fan base is now turning against him.
On the campaign trail, Trump vowed to avoid messy conflicts in the Middle East. But he broke from that promise yesterday when he ordered a missile strike on a Syrian government airbase. The bombing was in response to chemical weapons attack that killed more than 70 people in Syria, which Washington blames on the country’s embattled president, Bashar al-Assad. It was the first US military action taken against Assad during the country’s six-year civil war.

Former leader of UKIP Nigel Farage, one of Trump’s biggest supporters in Western Europe, questioned the US president’s decision to launch the airstrikes, noting that many of his supporters would be disappointed. (The current leader of UKIP, Paul Nuttall, went one step further, tweeting he’d hoped for better from Trump.)

Many Trump voters will be worried about this military intervention. Where will it end?


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