Tense stand-off in London as police separate far-right & anti-fascist protesters

Scuffles have broken out between police and protesters at an anti-Islamic terrorism rally and anti-fascist counter demonstrations in central London. 
London police were forced to separate the groups that gathered near Trafalgar Square, in a tense stand-off heightened by emotion following the March 22 terrorist attack.  
The marches are being held ten days after the Westminster attack that left four people dead and dozens injured after British-born attacker Khalid Masood rammed pedestrians on Westminster Bridge before slamming his vehicle into the gates of the parliament buildings and killing a police officer.
A counter-protest, organized by anti-fascist groups, is also taking place to oppose the demonstration.
Both groups are notorious Islamophobes whose concern is not with the victims or their relatives, but only lie in racism,” United Against Fascism said in a statement.

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Protesters from Unite Against Fascism in Trafalgar Square.

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Protesters arrive in central London with their faces covered ahead of a demo by Britain First and the English Defence League.
Unite Against Fascism
3 hours ago
Anti fascists mobilising in London, @uaf

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Source: https://www.rt.com/uk/383067-anti-islam-protest-london/


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