Military alliance can act against any terrorist: Saudi defence minister

RIYADH: Saudi Arabian Deputy Crown Prince and Minister of Defence Mohammed bin Salman said on Wednesday that military alliance could carry out action against any terrorist.
He said this in his meeting with US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis. US Defence Secretary said that Iran’s destabilising influence in the Middle East would have to be overcome to end the conflict in Yemen, as the United States weighed increasing support to the Saudi-led coalition fighting there.
"We will have to overcome Iran’s efforts to destabilise yet another country and create another militia in their image of Lebanese Hezbollah, but the bottomline is we are on the right path for it," Mattis told reporters in Riyadh after meeting senior Saudi officials.
Mattis said the goal was for there to be a political solution through UN-brokered negotiations to resolve the conflict in Yemen. US officials speaking on condition of anonymity said the situation in Yemen came up in their meetings with Saudi officials, including with King Salman and Deputy Crown Prince and Minister of Defence Mohammed bin Salman.
Officials said US support for the Saudi-led coalition was discussed including what more assistance the United States could provide, including potential intelligence support, saying they were weighing boosting the same type of support already being given.
Officials said it did not appear that the Houthis would come to the negotiating table under the current circumstances and there needed to be more military pressure on the group, adding that any potential increase in support would not include US troops.



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