Is It the End of the Road for Maoists?

On THE NIGHT OF February 4th, two armed Maoist guerrillas abducted Suriyam Buccha from Merwahi village in Chhattisgarh’s Sukma district. The village is situated in a dense forest, about 18 km from Dornapal town. In the absence of a road, one can only reach there by foot or on a motorcycle. By the time Buccha’s wife and two children followed them to the forest, his abductors had killed him by cutting his chest open with sharp-edged weapons. As his wailing family looked on, the Maoists put an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) under his body. It was meant as a trap for police personnel who would come later to retrieve his body. But after much pleading by his family, the guerrillas relented and removed the bomb before disappearing deeper into the forest.
The presence of security forces has rattled Maoists to such an extent that they are now targetting areas where they once held pockets of sympathy
We lost everything in these twelve years. We have lived like ghosts
I don’t know why Maoists killed my brother. He had no role to play in Salwa Judum or anything else
Before 2005, Jagargunda used to be a thriving market. Traders from as far as Bhadrachalam in Telangana would come here to sell their wares
In the past, companies were reluctant to bid for work in the region. But now, in Chhattisgarh at least, no tender for road construction has gone unfulfilled


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