India to enter cyber war arena

New Delhi, June 11 (TruthDive): India Government’s cyber sites will now have an agency to protect them from attacks from unfriendly countries and will also counter them but will not be on the offensive.
National Security Council (NSC) who has put this plan is waiting for Prime Minister Manmohan Singh the nod and put in charge the Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) and National Technical Research Organization (NTRO) as those agencies that are authorized to go on in offensive cyber operations, if any government cyber sites are under threat. All other intelligence agencies would not be involved in any offensive attacks but only gather intelligence about the groups behind such attacks.
Many nations have termed such cyber-attacks as act of war and those behind it face cases that are applicable to terrorists. New Delhi is grappling with only cyber intrusions aimed at gathering information from critical networks. Cyber experts say that it is now possible of bringing down a power grid, making non-functional of the air traffic control systems, or altering controls of a dam.
CERT-IN (Computer Emergency Response Team India) would look after the security of most cyber space, leaving NTRO would be responsible to protect the vital infrastructure of important government networks. NTRO would set up a 24×7 response centre called the National Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Centre (NCIPC), which would for monitoring the critical infrastructure. It would be providing immediate response to cyber security attacks. CERTs too would be equipped to respond quickly to protect networked operations like power distribution networks, Air Traffic Controls, traffic networks and other sectors which can create havoc in the public.
In a recent attack a US- Israeli cyber worm Stuxnet, aimed at Iran’s nuclear enrichment center at Natanz, found its way to Indian systems. Though it was unintentional, but it showed that it was possible of an intentional attack on India’s critical infrastructure. So far India had yet seen a cyber-attack, but only efforts to gather intelligence through cyber sites.


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