Air fighters blast Al-Qaeda's weapon stocks

Yemen Post Staff
Yemen's air fighters blasted on Wednesday Al-Qaeda weapon stocks and hideouts close to Jaar town, military sources affirmed.
The sources said that the Yemeni army could recapture a number of positions that was controlled by Ansar Al-Sharaia in Zinjibar.
The army have been trying for two weeks to enter Zinjibar and Jaar and eliminate Al-Qaeda militants.
Clashes were resumed after two days of an uneasy calm due to the suicide bombing that killed about 96 soldiers and wounded hundreds others in Sana'a.
Military sources told Yemen Post that the army could recapture the strategic Altabah Al-Hamra, an area nearby Zinjibar, pointing out that two troops were killed and four others were wounded.
They also said that large numbers of the militants were killed in the west of Zinjibar.
The sources anticipated that the army might cleanse the terrorists form Zinjibar within two days.
Other sources said that at least seven soldiers were killed in Al-Jablian, an area close to Jaar, as the army sought to advance to Jaar.
Local sources said that air forces raided the coastal city of Shaqra and some areas of Wadi Jar, an area close to Lawdar district.
Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) claimed responsibility for the attack and said it targeted "the defense minister and other leaders of the US war" on the southern Abyan province.
A suicide bomber, who was a soldier in the Yemen army, detonated a bomb in Al Sabeen Square in Sanaa during a military parade rehearsal on Monday that killed the troops and injured 300 more.

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