Bolivian ship hijacked off Maldivian coast

Male: A Bolivian cargo ship was on Monday hijacked, apparently by Somalian pirates in the territorial waters off Maldives, officials said on Monday, even as Maldivian forces have sought Indian Navy's help for its rescue.

The Bolivian ship was hijacked inside our territory in the morning, 7 miles inside our exclusive economic zone, which is just 193 miles from the shore, Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) has said.

MNDF media official Colonel Abdul Raheem said that the boat was hijacked northwest of Ha.Hoarafushi. He said that the incident took place this morning and MNDF received information in the afternoon. Neighbouring countries have been requested for assistance following this incident.

Indian Navy is also helping MNDF in the rescue mission.

India and Maldives have established a communication line in connection to this hijacking and concerned authorities from both countries are working together.

MNDF said that the boat is slowly moving towards Arabian Sea but still it is in Maldivian territory, and one of MNDF Coast Guard vessel is travelling to the spot.

MNDF got the information at afternoon through a message that was delivered to them at Global Maritime Distress Service Centre at nearby island of Villigili.

Raheem also said that our country is safe and they don't know who have hijacked the ship and for us we believe that it's has been hijacked by Somalian Pirates.


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